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So we made a music video…

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Having banked a dozen or so songs, Steve and I buckled down to record four last month on a little four track digital recorder. We sent three off to a songwriting contest and, with this last one, Tell Me, we made our first video. The video was actually filmed and edited by my 14-year-old, En, who demonstrated impressive skill and patience in their first time with this process. We filmed in our little Music Room, outside on a warm December day, and New Year’s Eve at the Crosstown FUNK show at South House Garden and afterwards in a cold drizzle with sparklers once home.

The song sprang from a foul mood, having been thrown shade from a favorite musician for my requesting another “obscure” song be played at a jam. Driving home early, feeling deflated, The Smiths’ song Panic came to mind. “And the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life.” I rushed into my Nook, grabbed my songwriting notebook and colored pen, and got it down. I drafted most of the song in that one sitting, but for the final verse, that evolved in collaboration with Steve. What started as a frustrated vent turned into a spirited and fun experience.

I wrote most of the lyrics; Steve came up with the music. Initially, I wouldn’t have thought of Tell Me with a reggae rhythm. That’s part of what I love about the songwriting process — it’s so dynamic and synergetic, much different from my typical solitary writing pursuits. Of course, that also comes with some challenges, but so vibrant when it works.

Generally, I should add that the music community in MoCo is generous, gracious, and supportive. They’ve welcomed Steve and I trying out original songs on several occasions and wow! Isn’t that something when top notch players all back up a song we created, new to them, but consistently in line with the spirit of the songs, whether reggae, alt, or country, even if “obscure.”

Here are the lyrics.

Tell Me


Just tell me… something real

Somethin that you’ve never said before that I’ve never heard

Somethin that’ll make this time less devastating

nothing that you have to say in words

More than the same old G Key phrases

Just show me… that I’m wrong in

“The music that they constantly play

it says nothing to me about my life,”

Just tell me

Just tell me

Verse 1

Every minute scenes a story I can’t identify

Firing too fast I lose the how, when where and why

Reacting as a freak to catch up with humor I try

But I keep falling back

I keep fallin back

I keep fallin back

I keep fallin back

So stop…


Verse 2:

You, I know you love me but I don’t know the me you see

Me, I know I want you but fear traps of losing me

With who I’m meant to be, when I’m feeling free

But nothing’s what it’s worth if we can’t be real,

so Baby, let’s embark on a grand New Deal

2023 I still call the new millennium

Just tryin’ a keep up

Just tryin’ a keep up


Verse 3:

Talk to me with` your eyes, so unique

Brave with thoughts you dare to speak

Take me out dancin

cheek to cheek

Gotta keep lookin’ up

Gotta keep lookin’ up


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1 Comment

Mar 01, 2023

OMG, that's awesome! You guys are total rock stars 💿💕🎶

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