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Celebration of Survival

Seems We Fall Into Buddhist Surrender


Gargoyle Magagine Online #4, February 2023


Fireball Roberts

Ring of Gyges

Live Encounters American Poets & Writers January 2022

Near to Life (for Venus), Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Fall 2021

Inheritance of Aging Self by Lucinda Marshall: Reviewed by Kristin Kowalski Ferragut, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, 2021

You Say We're Like Magnets

The River

Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Spring 2021

Woman Drinking Absinthe Review by Kristin Kowalski Ferragut, The Los Angeles Review, Spring 2021.


Family Dinner: A Metaphysical Check-In

Escape and Loss

Eyes of the Dead

Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Issue 21:3, Summer 2020

Our Situation by W. Luther Jett: Reviewed by Kristin Kowalski Ferragut, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, 2020

A Twenty-Four-Year-Old Getting Two Dozen Roses at Forty-Nine: A Dialogue with Myself

Life Care Planning

- Fledgling Rag, Issue 20, Spring 2020

"All the proceeds from the sale of Fledgling Rag go directly to the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic."

Directions for purchase can be found on the website:

Second Chances

A Few of My Favorite Lost Things

Unbearable Lightness

Anti-Heroin Chic, April 2020

  • Second Chances posted on Indran Amirthanayagam's YouTube Poetry Channel  

The Enormity of It

- Mojave He[Art] Review, Issue 17, September 2019 

The Enormity of It

Look to desert, rock, gila monster, the ease

of one thin layer on a hot day. Oh, but

the mirages! Maybe every beautiful boy just wants

to be a beautiful girl, protected, seduced; 

to be swept…


off. Quivering words like blades of seagrass

whirl. Hard to know from where sounds come under

water. Ganymede raining down; always

the beautiful boys! Bound to Aquarius 

‘though gazing far…


off. I pass along details of another Comcast

failure. Speak of missed meetups, late arrivals. Did

you hear? The things unsaid, the enormity of

it. Things not written or spoken, only perceived

in the trailing…


off. Gurgling, trickling, babbling flow of 

missing and mercy can carve stone as well. But

to smash rocks to gravel in anger

is infinitely easier and better received.

Rain runs…


off. Have you tried singing under water? It’s most

fun alone, even if you dislike the company. 

Self-hate and hating life are two distinct 

states, but neither worth fretting. If hate fails

to kill, it burns…


off. Burdens lie in the apple seed your mother

warned would grow to a tree in your belly.

Grief, love, grace -- things that might fill a desert 

sky at night; stay awake, look for Aquarius, as

Ganymede takes off.


Transgendered Ex at Son's Birthday Party

Bourgeon, June 2019

Oracle of the First Kiss

Published in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Issue 19:4, Fall 2018

Leaves of Late November

- Published in Nightingale and Sparrow, Issue 1, February 2019

The Clotheshorse 


- Published in The Novice Writer, Issue 1, Spring 2019

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Published Work

The Magnolia Review, Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2020 - 6 poems

Video from Third Thursday Poetry Series by the City of Takoma Park.

I run 29:40 - 42:55 in the midst of good company.

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