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Into the Woods

Imagine a whimsical room painted your favorite colors, high ceilings, inspiring art adorning walls, soulful, heartening music piped in, a spicy-scented candle burning, and then something beautiful and unpredictable that you would not think to plan for your senses too. In this room there’s no claim to your attention, but your predilection and time is perceived only in the shifting of light, not restraints and obligations. In this place you are free to contemplate and dream without judgement; sighs, laughs, tears, smiles, and scowls aren’t judged in solitude. This is something of how I feel when set up in the woods.

I’ve received a few scoffs and some “Why"s in response to news of my Writing Fort. Being one who appreciates the wide range of differences in potential perspectives, I’m surprised that that took me off guard. Seems worth response.

I’m sure I miss some essential, scientific truths in my attempt to explain myself. I have conducted surface research on negative ions and they’re good.“...the risk of disease can be greatly reduced by breathing in fresh air filled with negative ions. Negative ions are like vitamins in the air and are abundant in the forest.” *

I don’t know about any of that; I read the words, but lack deep understanding. But I do know that I’m better off for time in the woods, under tree limbs, by a river or creek, near falls, looking out on sunrise, sunset, mountains, the fall of rain, dance of snow… under any conditions, I’m always enchanted when alone with nature. It makes for effortless musing. God knows we always have enough to deliberate and outside, alone allows for a neutral space to do so, but also provides a space easy to do nothing except take it in.

I’ve tried meditation and while I’m capable of sitting quietly, not following trains of thought does not come so easily to me, unless I’m staring out a window upon trees or a dynamic sky, or in the woods. Watching the evidence of slight wind in the sway of a branch, or the rockus movement of gusts, is an infinitely better tool of introspection for me than concentrating on my own breath. Combine with that earthy scents, rustling and splashing, and the feel of sun or breeze and just being becomes a whole lot to take in. Such a place of wonder is a perfect backdrop to loose my imagination, write, or just stare for hours.

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Jul 10, 2020

I'm totally with you on life in the woods!


Feb 01, 2020

I believe in all of YOUR positively charged particles!


Feb 01, 2020

Hi Kristin - another lovely post. I agree, there is something about being in the woods that is calming and life giving. Do not worry about the naysayers. Do your thing. I love your fort photos.

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