• Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

June 1st - My New Year

The start of Summer -- my best time for resolutions and fresh starts. So I'm going to move some things around and commit to things I want to make up the next few months of my Time -- adventures with the kids, friends & family, writing, swimming, guitar. Shaking off foibles and frailties, I enter the following moments hopeful but I'm keeping a couple of thoughts at bay. Those often seem the most interesting ones to explore, so here it goes.

While I write I push off thoughts of Virginia Beach. It's tragic and brings back thoughts of VA Tech and Sandy Hook, Pulse night club, the Las Vegas shooting, Parkland, Columbine... I fear the effects are cumulative. Mind boggling the ways we hurt each other. How might we get through the mire. Of course, some of us won't.

Increases urgency to celebrate Life and fix what we can.

My other thought, as I plan to share this website today, is the strange marriage of arrogance and humility that makes me think it's worthwhile to dedicate a whole blog and website to me and feel humbled that you may look at it. Thank you. *BowsHead* Seems that may be the nature of putting any creative work out there. Our drive to do this, to pursue art in any form is incredible, magical. I'm thinking of words of poets and prose writers that inspire and redeem and so many musicians that make me think it's mind boggling the ways we can uplift and inspire each other too.

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