• Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

A Week at Wellspring House

I wanted time and space to write with fewer distractions and fewer other things I “should” be doing. I also wanted woods. I forgot that I wanted to be beholden to no schedule; time only relevant in the light it casts, nothing to rush to, wake up for, or be late to. It’s been decades since experiencing that freedom of time. I forgot how much I love it!

Other perks of this week surprised me -- learning unexpected things about myself; making friends and enjoying inspiring work from great artists, including two nonagenarians; swimming out to the center of a lake.

I didn’t realize how frequently I’d come to talk and hum to myself. In the quiet of Wellspring House, habitual starts to that stood out as disruptive and distracting. And it turns out the nature of things I might mutter to myself are better left unsaid. Embracing stillness, I’ve left noise to the wind in the leaves, birds and buzzing of insects. And the birds do sound particularly lovely this morning!

Although I am rather looking forward to blasting the stereo on my drive to Lynn in a few hours.

I didn’t imagine who I might spend this week with, thinking of myself as going away alone. What an inspiring cast of characters! Individuals patient with my relative reclusivity (maybe they appreciated it), yet irresistible to not want to get to know. I likely both got really lucky and imagine that this place draws such interesting and kind folks. I’m looking forward to following the writers/artists I’ve met here.

“swimming out to the center of the lake” -- This image is loaded for me and is tied in with home, mainly to my children. Coley and Ethan would disapprove and maybe even still be freaked out to see me swim past the ropes, so the only times I specifically savored being a free agent was at the lake, ropes be damned! way out in the deep center, considering the surrounding trees. With that said, part of the sweetness in leaving is to miss and appreciate all I’ll return to. The friends and family that stepped in to support my children and me so that I could make this journey heartens me. And as much as I love it here, I'll be psyched to get home!

Driving up I thought about what I might consider a successful week at Wellspring House. I came up with a goal of seven poems and two short stories. I came close. Exceeded it if we include haiku and Why Not? One short story, but One Short Story; yes, with a plot and all. I built sketches for two more stories, started several other poems, and generated thoughts for future blog posts, since I’ve gotten feedback to return to this more regularly. Undoubtedly a successful week of work. But more than production I’ve benefited from less quantifiable success in immersing myself in creativity and nature; so good for my soul.

Check out pics on FB if you'd like.

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