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A Love Song for My Daughter

I share a song I wrote in celebration of, and worry for, my Girl. I imagine most Moms & Dads can relate. There were a few years there when I never just left anywhere fun; I never just left a park, playground, festival, stream, friend’s house, but would be going to get icecream. I can’t imagine how many tantrums were spared by anticipation of its smooth, cool, creamy, sweet goodness.

I’ve worked toward a cleaner, more polished recording on my Tascam DP-006. I’ve laid down some tracks — progress in figuring out that much. But still have a ways to go before mixing tracks together. And my editor / videographer has been too busy studying for an AP Exam and rehearsing RENT for me to task them for help. (Go En!) But for my beautiful, brilliant Girl, I wanted to get this out before tomorrow, when she’ll turn 20-years-old.

I drafted this song several months ago. The pandemic was hard on some and youth can be brutal for anyone. Before sharing the lyrics and dropping the video, I’ll note that not only has the atmosphere that inspired this song changed, but I also have little cause for worry. I have all the reason in the world to believe that this spritely, gorgeous, creative being will continuously flourish.

(P.S.: I find it hard to accept that icecream is not one compound word. So I won’t. I appreciate your understanding.)


The closing in of your mind / is foreign to who I see

when I close my eyes / think of who I think you’ll be

The spritely bold spirit / that uplifted everyone

descends now to quiet / and I can’t pull you up

To hear you sing


If only again I could fix it for you with icecream

If only again I could fix it for you with icecream

Your tired, fair enough / still do much better than I did

to bear the burden of youth / without falling on the skids

You hurt / and my worrying don’t help a bit

a constant prayer now / that you be kind to yourself

hmm hmm ooooh


If only again I could fix it for you with icecream

If only again I could fix it all with icecream


Soft serve smiles in a cake cone

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