About Me

I took a long time to fall into a career because I never wanted to be just one thing for my whole life. Still so many worlds and skills to explore and learn! I teach, sing, play guitar, hike, paint, knit, bike, cook. I'd love to get better at all of that and more, but under it all is writing.

I led a good writer's life when young -- traveled, collected interesting experiences, took risks, kept responsibilities thin. But didn't spend much time writing or at least not editing. Still it's been there, my identifying as a writer, as someone who spins her perspective into words in hopes to create engaging images and beautiful sounds. 

I started writing poetry seriously in 2015, i.e. caring to complete drafts and edit. I started submitting in 2016, which somehow legitimized my writing in my mind. 

As I write this, I reflect on how things take on a dream-like quality when sick and how much easier it makes relatively boring tasks. Currently under the weather, I appreciate that, while also missing my energy and an awesome poetry reading in D.C. This seems to well-represent my uncommon way of seeing good in most situations, which isn't so much rooted in optimism as an amazement with most everything.

If not taken too seriously, there's a lot of humor to be found in my writing. At least I often crack myself up, although I admit not much more than I cry.

I live with two of the most wonderful people I know. I'm probably hard-wired to think that way, but did spend a decade not wanting children in part because one just can't be sure to have kids she's simpatico with. I have two, so I feel extraordinarily lucky! That and I have time and space to write; I'm not addicted to heroin, and I don't have gangrene.* Life is good.

Currently, I'm fostering a midlife crisis, which is more fun than I expected. I struggle to balance parenting, work, and my creative life, which are somewhat interrelated. I benefit from a wonderful community of poets in the DMV. And I spend a fair amount of time window-staring, turning around puzzles in mind in hopes to gather some insight that might resonate when put in words. Thankful for it all.

*a nod to Hubert Selby Jr. and Requium for a Dream that made quite an impression on 24-year-old me. 

AND got another sunburn! _)  Take THAT a